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About us

Welcome to our TVH scale models shop, which gives you an overview of all scale models that are part of the TVH collection. 


This scale models shop has been created by the families Thermote & Vanhalst, founders of the company TVH Group.

There are currently over 350 scale models in our collection for over 70 makes. They are classified by brand, with a detailed description per model. 

Only scale models of forklift trucks?

No, in addition to lift trucks you will also find scale models of telescopic lift trucks, aerial work platforms, stackers, hand pallet trucks etc.

Besides the simple scale models, you will also find several models of which a number of parts can be moved, N.B. the carriage, as well as some radio-controlled models. A separate category of scale models having the brand ‘TVH’ is also available.

Collector's items

These unique scale models are real collector's items. Therefor these scale models are not intended for children under 14 years of age.

What are the shipping rates?

Shipping rates are calculated based on your location.
Belgium 6 EUR
Netherlands & Luxemburg 6 EUR
Europe 8 - 20 EUR
Middle East 30 EUR
Far East 35 EUR
Oceania 40 EUR
 Africa 40 EUR
USA / Canada 25 EUR
Central America / South America / Mexico 40 EUR